4 Critical Values All Entrepreneurs Should Nurture by Barry Epling

Technology revolution has a positive impact on almost all facets of different industries. For businesses, the developed systems can be integrated to improve in the different areas. Entrepreneurs however have to be better suited to drive their businesses to success. Achieving this is not a walk in the park however with the right values being cultivated, improvements can manifest. Discussed by Barry Epling are some of the useful values all entrepreneurs ought to cultivate in themselves if they are to taste success in whatever they deal in in their ventures.


To run a business is no easy fit and even professionals will admit to it. There are resources to be distributed, duties to be delegated to different staff, supervision, guiding and mentoring, rewarding and punishing and even leading the team available towards the company objectives. You must be a leader first before you can be able to harmonize all these factors of production to one functioning unit that produces results. Leaders are born according to most people however they can still be made through careful coaching and mentorship programs.

Financial management skills

When just starting out business do not expect a lot of profits however things change down the road. You should get ready for the income influx and learn to separate personal finances from your capital. Budgeting and sticking to your financial rules is one thing that takes time. Learning how to manage your finances through taking a business course could help you become a great entrepreneur ultimately. One of the reasons most startups fail within their first two years is due to poor marketing and finance management which you can avoid by constantly learning and improving your mind.

Team building skills

There is no denying that you need a team that can share in your vision and help you execute it diligently if you want success. You must therefore finesse your people skill and know how to attract the right kind of skills and attitude to your organization. One cannot afford to start hiring friends and relatives without ascertaining their qualifications for the open post. For those who are unable to choose the best team for their company, hiring a Human Resource firm to help with the hiring might just help you cut it.

Accountability and transparency

All companies often want to create values that can be run down the organization from the top rank to the lowest especially in how they treat their customers. A great entrepreneur should want their staff to be honest, transparent and responsible for their actions. The best way to show your team the essence of these value if depict them yourself in your every day to day life while at work. Transparency and accountability improves resource distribution and better yet ensures that all delegated duties are done as per the instructions. Without the same, corruption and other vices might just kick in leading to the downfall of your business.



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