Barry Epling Discusses Important Things To Know Before You Get Stem Cell Therapy

This is true that stem cell therapies have been researched for a long time now, however no therapy was approved by FDA since 2011. In 2011, the first therapy was approved, and since then few other therapies are approve, and it is important for you to learn about the stem cell medicine and therapies before you undergo a procedure. Barry Epling is a renowned name in the field of stem cell, and his contributions are remarkable. He never recommends any one to get unproven and untested therapies. There are many side effects of unproven therapies, and you are required to know a lot of things before you proceed. In this article, we will cover the most important things that you should consider before you get the therapy. Only a few clinics are actually aware of the dangers involved in the stem cell therapies, and you should ensure that you pick the right clinic before you start the therapy. Furthermore, it is important to know about the doctor who is going to perform the procedure.

Important things to know:

Following are the most important things that you should know before you decide about the therapy.

· Not all the stem cell therapies are approved by FDA — The first and the foremost important thing that you should know is that whether the therapy is approved and proven by FDA or not. Unfortunately, a lot of clinics are performing unproven and unapproved therapies to their patients.

· Stem cells are different, and they are used for different purposes — This is important to understand that stem cells are different and have different purposes. Not all the stem cells can be used to cure every ailment. Before you proceed, you should discuss this thing in detail with your doctor.

· Your stem cell therapy might not be covered by insurance — Before we get any therapy or treatment, the first thing that we check is whether it is covered under the insurance or not. You might get surprised to know that only a few therapies are covered by the insurance companies. You should consider this thing before finalizing about the therapy that you are going to take.

· Know the science — Even though you are not a doctor, you should understand the science before you get the treatment. You should ask a lot of questions from your doctor and should reach a final conclusion with due diligence.

· If you are taking the cells from your body, you should not ignore the side effects. There are many side effects reported which resulted after the stem cell therapy from own body. If you are taking stem cells from outside, you should be more careful.

· If your condition is not worse, you should double ensure whether stem cell therapy is right for you or not. Always check the reputation of the clinic before you allow them to perform the procedure.

· Before you become part of a clinical and experimental trial, understand the possible outcomes. The clinic might not tell you everything related to the stem cell medicine and therapy, and you must take a second opinion before proceeding.



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