Why is Stem Cell Aftercare Therapy Important?

Stem cell treatment has gained popularity in the medical world for aiding patients recover from conditions that were otherwise frustrating. While chances of success are not guaranteed for all cases, stem transplant can help tackle different types of injuries to aid in faster recuperation and better yet easy mobility and movement. After going through with the stem cell transplant successfully, you will need to adhere to the suggested after care routine given by your doctor that includes the following instructions as discussed below by Barry Epling.

The first fortnight

At this stage, your body is probably still inflamed from the stem cell treatment and you must be very careful not to hurt yourself. You should enjoy plenty of rests and only vibe with what your body needs. At this stage most people get primary help for house hold chores and also a lot of massage to help with the recovery of the inflamed area. Avoid heavy lifting or climbing a lot of stair cases as too much pain might call for pain killers which are never good for stem cell treatment as you will be advised by the doctor.

Third & Fourth weeks

At this stage you are recuperating nicely and your doctor might even recommend picking up various exercise activities. Consider starting your exercises with light activities for instance pool jogging, walking for short distances and the use of elliptical machine. You must be gentle as any stress might interfere with the stem cells which at this stage are developing into specialized cells. At this stage you can also handle basic chores on your own however having some to handle the heavy tasks for you may still be a reasonable idea.

Your fifth and sixth week

This is the stage when the patient is looking forward to more ambitious physical therapy to get them back on form. Even though you may be feeling great this stage, do not overestimate your ability. The stem cells are developing to tissues in this stage and adding a few resistant exercises to your routine might be of help to boost your recuperation. You must only be careful not to indulge in heavy exercise like squats, twists, leg lifts and calf raises as they could easily add compression to your healing area.

After third month

Even though at this stage you have healed up nicely, there is still essence in ensuring you protect yourself from a lot of stress. Regular exercises can make your joints stronger and help you enjoy improved recovery window. A trainer can help you through the light and medium weight exercises to achieve improved recovery. It is also necessary for you to keep communication open with your care team in order to report any discomfort that you feel during the recovery window. Ask as many questions both before and after the procedure to improve your understanding of the same. The internet also remains a useful tool to use for your research as you look at other cases in the past and how they fared on as treatment options.



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